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Beauty Logica offers a sophisticated indulgence for eye lash, brow, hair control and body tanning beauty treatments. Beauty Logica use leading brands and quality beauty products, such as MONU, TanWorx and LDN:SKINS


Based in Gloucester they offer their services across Gloucester, Cheltenham and throughout Gloucestershire. Relax in a tranquil beauty room whilst being pampered to your hearts content.

Our top treatments

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Beauty Logica offer an all over body threading treatment. Remove fine downy hair for flawless results.


Get perfect brows with colour matched eye brow extensions. Cover scars and hair loss for a fuller brow shaped to suit your face shape.


spray tanning

Enjoy a luxurious tan by Beauty Logica. Customised to your skin type using top tanning brands, TanWorx & London's LDN:SKINS

Eye lash extensions

Maximise your look with Eye Lash extensions. Volumize and extend your lashes for a lasting impression.

Spray tanning

Our eyelash extensions are a professional treatment that gives a beautiful definition to the eyes. Eye lash extensions are a semi permanent treatment that helps emphasise the eyes and balance facial features. When applied to the natural lashes, eyes will look larger and lashes appear curlier lifted and denser.


Clients of all ages can benefit from eyelash extensions. The results of this treatment are:

Eyes appear larger and more lifted.

Facial features are more enhanced in particular the eye area.

Shorter lashes appear longer.

The false lashes feel natural, soft and weightless.

The bonding agent used is very strong in helping ensure a good attachment to the natural lashes.


No need for eye lash curlers as these are time consuming and weaken the lashes.

Results can last up to 2 months with a good daily care routine and regular maintenance with a Beauty Logia professional.




eye lash extensions

Our spray tanning is a temporary cosmetic procedure for those wishing to have a golden, tanned appearance.


At Beauty Logica we use TanWorx and LDN:SKINS this allows us to customise various colour depths starting from light all the way through to dark.


The advantages of an airbrush spray tan allows, a look of a tan without harmful exposure to UVA and UVB rays.


A tanned appearance is achieved regardless of weather conditions.


 Airbrushing enables a more even coverage avoiding any major streaking or staining and is unlikely to smudge once absorbed.



body threading

eye brow extensions

Beauty Logica are extremely excited to offer eyebrow extensions, they are the latest eyebrow enhancement treatment to hit the beauty industry. It is an extremely new treatment that has taken eyebrow shaping to a new level.


Using individual synthetic mink hairs we can create bespoke eyebrows, by either adding to your existing shape to give definition or fill in gaps that have developed through bad shaping or over plucking.


We can create an eyebrow completely form scratch if hair has been lost due to illness or injury.


A specially medically approved glue is used to apply the hairs to either the skin or an existing brow.


The eyebrows are waterproof and can last for up to 2 weeks but this will be dependent on a gentle after care regime, this treatment can be offered along side tinting and shaping, a Beauty Logica professional can go through this with you.







Threading is known as the 'ancient art of hair removal' its been used for centuries in eastern countries and is now proving a massive hit in the western world.


Threading is mostly used as a technique for neatening and shaping the eyebrows but can also be used to remove any other unwanted body hair.


This technique is one of the safest, quickest most precise and thorough forms of hair removal on the market.


Eyebrow threading is a particularly quick and easy treatment that makes it a great lunch break treatment or a pre-party impulse treat.


It's 100% natural as all it requires is a piece of antibacterial threading thread, so making it perfect for sensitive skin types.


The results can last up to 2 to 4 weeks and can be carried out more frequently then other methods of hair removal.





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Eyelash extensions gloucester

Eyelash extensions gloucester